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Melbourne Wedding Makeup Artists Suggest the Best Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

Many of our brides ask about pre-wedding beauty and how to take all the right steps to ensure they look their best for the big day. Committed, consistent efforts in the months leading up to your wedding day will be rewarded, just as an athlete's efforts are rewarded with consistent long-term training. Your pre-wedding beauty routine should begin as early as possible in order to achieve the best wedding makeup results on the day. Great preparation wil provide your makeup artist with the best possible canvas on which to work. The more time you have to prepare, the more thorough your attention to detail will be, and you will have the opportunity to address things which crop up, before they have a chance to snowball and hamper all your efforts.

The most important element in creating the perfect wedding makeup canvas for your bridal makeup artist is without doubt, your skin! One absolutely crucial factor necessary for healthy skin, is staying hydrated. Try and drink lots of water - clean water (purified and free of fluoride and chlorine), rain, or spring water. Adding some fresh lemon juice / baking soda will move the pH of the water accross the line to alkaline. This will help neutralise the acid created from stress and our typical western diet. Choose organic tea (green /herbal) and decaffeinated coffee where possible, this will keep you hydrated, and you will be rewarded with beautiful, healthy skin. Your wedding makeup Melbourne artist can provide the correct products and technique- it's up to you to provide the best platform for your bridal makeup artist to do her work.

Eating well will give you the energy and concentration required to help you deal with the presssure and responsibility needed for general living and the increased demands that get placed on you when planning your wedding. Include lots of fresh vegetables, protein, moderate amounts of fresh fruit and some wholegrain carbohydrates. By focusing on what to eat rather than what to avoid you should body should adjust itself naturally so you will crave foods that are good for you. These days too much emphasis is placed on what to avoid rather than on the positive steps to take towards healthy eating. If you would like to be a smaller size and fit into your wedding dress with ease, treat yourself like a princess and you will reap the reward on the wedding day.

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