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Wedding Makeup Tips-How to Stay Looking Great!

Wedding Makeup works hard for you on this day that is unlike any other in your life. You will be the centre of attention, from every direction, with hardly a minute to yourself, and you'll want to feel that you look your best no matter where someone is looking at you from. We have compiled this collection of wedding makeup tips to help you.

Plan your makeup for the right look- and plan early! If you have a preference for any particular brands of beauty products, note these well in advance, and remember to trial these during the same season as your wedding is in, ideally about 4-6 weeks prior to the day. The subtle changes in skin properties- texture and composition- mean that the same products will have different effect at different times of of the year. See an important reference to products on our questions and answers about wedding makeup page.

Bridal Beauty Ideas - Suggestions from a Makeup Artist

Don't throw caution to the wind and try something radically new with your wedding makeup on the day. If you're considering testing a new look, speak with your makeup artist about this, and trial it before the day. Our makeup trials are an ideal opprtunity to preview the entire look- we can prepare you, complete with hair styling- and you can try your wedding gown on to get a complete picture of the final presentation.

If there are problem areas which annoy you- skin conditions, a general lacklustre or visible open pores to name a few- attend to these early. Speak with your beautician or health care professional about a course of treatment which will eliminate obstacles to achieving your perfect flawless look. Read more about pre-wedding day skin care to ensure your skin looks fantastic!

Wedding Makeup Survival Kit

Your personal tote bag- your wedding makeup survival kit- should include the following essential items:

  • Tissues- for wiping tears, blotting face
  • Lipstick to keep your lips looking luscious
  • Mat Face Powder to subdue skin shine
  • Eyeliner- to reapply on the inner rims of the eyes
  • Floral water spray- for cooling you down and refreshing your makeup

Natural, Beautiful Makeup and Hair

best bridal makeup for a natural romantic look, applied by professional makeup artist in Melbourne

Bridal Makeup Styles

Great Ideas!

  • Have a Trial+

    Arranging a trial helps you save time on the day. Look stunning and try on your dress in our studio.
  • Ask About All-day Attendance+

    We can come to your wedding and photography shoot. Find out how you can have this at no extra charge with our hair and makeup service.