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bride with finch curled hair and natural warm toned makeup

Wedding Makeup Artist Skin Preparation Tips

It is very important to start any beauty routine with caring for your skin. This will help you look your best- it's amazing how much outer radiance is projected by simply having fantastic, supple and helathy-lookng skin! Start with taking some time out of your routine to look your best, by enjoying some fresh air, lots of water and sensible regular excecise. By being gentle with how you apply products to your skin and knowing your skin type you will achieve a fresh smooth canvas for the makeup products you intent to apply. Ensure you follow any instructions written on the label of the chosen skincare/makeup products, as no one understands how to use something better than those who created it. Care for your skin with appropriate products, regular facials & massages, a healthy fresh diet and plenty of alkaline water (free of flouride and chlorine), and being in a relaxed state (if you are relaxed your skin will look better) these beauty tips may not be obvious yet are relative to your beauty, health and inner clamness.

For skin to look completely smooth, it is necessary for hair removal to be accurate and thorough. Although shaving is a quick fix, it will cost you time often, so removing hair from the root is preferable. Your skin will stay smoother for much longer than shaving, and has the added benefit of removing dead skin cells.

Creating Balance with Wedding Makeup- Start With Great Skin

Your wedding makeup will last longer and look better on skin that is 'in shape' and ready to have makeup applied. Ensure that any stray facial hair is removed before your makeup is applied. The finished wedding makeup look will be fresher and more appealing. You will achieve the best balance when the foundation that you intend to use matches the darkest colour of the skin that will be visible. For any colour discrepancies- for example a fair neck and a darker face and chest, the lighter areas (in this case the neck which is very common as the sun doesn't reach the neck as much as the face, arms, chest) a darker coloured product (bronzer, powder, tinted moisturiser) can balance out the difference in these areas, making the body colour look whole and even. Foundations, bronzer and powders can also be used to create balance in the face by means of contouring (with mat colours which are darker than skin tone), highlighting (with matt / shimmery colours which are lighter than skin tone). Knowing your face shape and strive to make it look oval with the use of makeup. The simplest way to do this yourself is to imagine your face is drawn like oval and place darker colour outside of the oval (contour) and lighter colour inside (highlight) This technique will help to diminish outside of your face and bring centre of face forward, resulting in a more oval looking face.

Natural, Beautiful Makeup and Hair

best bridal makeup for a natural romantic look, applied by professional makeup artist in Melbourne

Bridal Makeup Styles

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