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best makeup technique for night weddings- advice from Melbourne makeup artist

The Melbourne Wedding Makeup Artist Blog

Welcome to the beauty blog and wedding makeup artists journal of our website.

We hope to share some insights with you, which provide a glimpse into the work of a Melbourne makeup artist. This blog will feature some great beauty tips and wedding makeup ideas, as well as stories an occasional photos from some of the weddings we attend.

Wedding Makeup pArtists work in a dynamically charged environment. The bride's getting ready, everyone's on edge, and every conceivable type of technology is deployed to interrupt the bride. This is why we allow a little more time. Years of experience and many weddings later, we have narrowed the working times down to the estimates we provide.

Some of the Highlights of Wedding Makeup Artistry

It provides me with great pleasure, giving people the confidence to look and feel fantastic on their wedding day. I've had some people engage my services who have dreaded the attention that will be on them- yet a simple set of guidelines leading up to the big day resulted in a massive uplift in their self-confidence. How you look on your wedding day will have a major influence on how you feel. Getting it right will leave you with more than enough energy to party at your reception and dance the night away in the company of family and friends.

Bridal Makeup Beauty Bag Essentials

There is one thing you shouldn't leave home without- it should be in every bride's beauty bag and will be worth its weight in gold to you, long after the day. A small swiss-army style pocket knife has a number of essentials. Scissors, tweezers, nail file and more- all absolutely essential items in the modern bride's repair/maintenance kit. Life is so much simpler when you have the right gadgets, and you can't beat the old faithful girl guides' essential piece of kit. Get one today!

Melbourne Makeup Artists Advice on Brushes

For a wedding makeup artist, having the correct makeup brushes is as important as choosing the best makeup products. If you are wondering which brush is right for the makeup job at hand, always select brushes that are in high in quality and comfortable to hold. Makeup brushes with shorter handles provide better, more accurate control close to the face. Caring for your expensive and precious brushes will make them last longer. Wedding makeup artists work their brushes hard- but it's important to keep brushes clean and to sterilize them. Store brushes in a brush roll and clean them after each use with a disinfectant brush cleaner. Synthetic brushes can be washed with baby shampoo or fragrance free dove soap and warm water to remove accumulated makeup.

A Mobile Wedding Makeup Artist Working Day

The working day of a makeup artist begins well before the day of your wedding. We assess our products and add to or replace them as necessary. All our brushes and kit are carefully sorted and sterilized, so that everything is perfectly clean for you. We take a look at pictures of you, and your bridal party, and discuss with you the look you are after, and how we intend to achieve this for you. Wedding makeup needs to last the distance of the ceremony, the laughter and tears, and of course the all-important photography session. We ensure that this happens, with careful selection and application of the best products for you.

Wedding Makeup that Gets You to the Church on Time

If you look back through girlfriends' weddings with a check of times and punctuality, you might find that all was frantic before the bride left home, and there was very little time left for photos after all the styling was finished. In almost all cases, it will be attrivuted to the bridal makeup artist running behind schedule. Ensure this doesn't happen to you! Time is something you cannot stop, take back, speed up or slow down. But you can manage time- and better time management of your pre-wedding prep time will have you happier on the day!

I have found from experience, that the brides who don't struggle for time on the day have a happier, more relaxing day, which makes for happy memories and photos- important when you have so much invested in your wedding.

Set realistic preparation times, and be realistic with your expectations. Provide a smooth workflow continuum, and the day will be a breeze. You will absolutely glide through it, in an unfrazzled state! This one magical day will flow beautifully.

Natural, Beautiful Makeup and Hair

best bridal makeup for a natural romantic look, applied by professional makeup artist in Melbourne

Bridal Makeup Styles

Great Ideas!

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